Hypnotherapy for Anger management

Anger is an extremely powerful emotion and is natures way of empowering individuals to protect themselves against a perceived attack or threat. It is only the mismanagement of anger that causes problems. When anger becomes out of control it can have many negative consequences, including damaging relationships, causing problems at work, domestic abuse, road rage, violence and generally affecting the overall quality of an individuals life (and often the lives of others around them).

The goal of anger management is to control both the emotional feelings and physiological arousal that anger creates. Recognising anger and learning to express it in the correct way can help clients handle emergencies and solve problems more easily. The key is to learn how to react calmly when something causes those feelings of anger, without lashing out, shouting or becoming violent.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help a client to change the way they think or behave in situations that cause their anger to flare up. By accessing the unconscious mind, I can often help identify the root cause of the problem and help the client to learn how to deal with it in a calmer, more relaxed way.

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