Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Fear is a natural response caused by real danger. For example, we are all scared of coming face to face with a wild, hungry animal, and fear is a survival instinct which warns us against certain things or situations. A phobia, on the other hand, is an irrational fear of an object or situation that causes little or no danger. Phobias are linked to our unconscious, and because they are irrational, they can often be dealt with effectively.

Phobias are extremely common and range from fear of flying to fear of open water, from fear of buttons to fear of dogs, from fear of heights to fear of dentists and everything in between. There will usually be strong avoidance behaviour connected with the phobia, and feelings of anxiety, loss of control and panic. Clients usually know their fear is irrational, but they cannot control it.

Phobias often begin early in a client’s life and may occur for a number of reasons. It seems phobias can run in families; however whether this is hereditary or simply learned behaviour is unclear. For example a child may learn a phobia by observing a family member’s reaction to an object or situation. Traumatic experiences and brain chemicals are also believed to influence the development of phobias.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can help to identify the root cause of the phobia and, by reframing it, enable clients to react to the particular object or situation they once feared in a calmer manner when encountering it in the future.

I can also help with relaxation and visualisation techniques for desensitisation and forming new habits such as being more calm and relaxed.

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