Hypnotherapy for Smoking

An addiction is an obsessive, uncontrollable and often damaging attachment to an activity, behaviour or substance.

There are records of a huge variety of addictions across the world, from substance abuse to odd addictions to eating inedible objects such as glass and sofa foam. More common types of addiction include alcoholism, smoking, drugs, gambling and Internet addiction. Awareness is currently being raised about other, less common and accepted addictive behaviours such as sex addiction, porn addiction and love addiction.

Your habit has become an addiction when it:

  • overrides other feelings and emotions
  • distracts you from normal life
  • causes physical withdrawal symptoms
  • generates a dependency
  • becomes increasingly difficult to control.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can help you gain control over your addiction while providing the support and guidance required to alter ingrained behavioural patterns.

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