Natal Hypnotherapy

Many clients have found Cognitive Hypnotherapy extremely useful whilst trying to conceive. During what can be a very stressful time I can help you remain calm and positive and visualise the outcome you desire.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for childbirth has a plethora of benefits which could help any client during and after her pregnancy. Listed below are a few examples of issues hypnotherapy can help to address:

  • can reduce labour time
  • can reduce fatigue in the mother during and after birth
  • can reduce postnatal recovery time
  • can reduce the risk of intervention
  • increases the chances of children feeding and sleeping better
  • can help aches and discomforts during pregnancy
  • can help morning sickness
  • assists the natural birth process
  • can speed up post birth recovery
  • can improve oxygen levels in mother and baby.

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