Jenny, 29

When I first came to see Caroline, I didn’t realise how much deep emotional pain I was in. I had recently come out of an emotionally abusive relationship, and I wasn't confronting my emotions. I lost my appetite, I couldn’t concentrate, my stomach was bloated most days, and I couldn’t tolerate most foods. I am a keen runner, but I was constantly tired, and every time I ran or did intense exercise my stomach would be inflamed for days afterwards. I had to stop running, as even after the slightest run the inflammation in my stomach took days to go down.
Running didn’t take the pain away, nor did the intense exercise I was doing. So I finally decided to face the emotions in my sessions with Caroline.
Facing the trauma was not pleasant. However, after the sessions I felt a sense of lightness which I hadn’t felt in a while. My stomach slowly started to settle over time. We worked on confidence, acceptance, allowing myself to heal and being kind to myself, which I certainly hadn’t been doing. I gradually started to run again. I started with 2km, and now I have worked my way up to 7km, and I am over the moon! My stomach no longer gets inflamed after runs and I can now tolerate more foods. Words cannot explain how happy I am to be able to run again. Running has kept me going through some hard mental challenges in my life, and for that to be taken away from me was the toughest challenge I’ve ever had to face. Being able to run again is just brilliant. I can’t thank Caroline enough for the amazing work she’s done with me. I feel a sense of calm within myself which I never thought was possible. I’ve finally got my confidence back as well. Thank you Caroline.