Julia, 30

I came to hypnotherapy with a number of long-term issues, including an eating disorder and IBS symptoms, and I wasn’t quite sure where to start. From the first conversation Caroline made me feel welcome, accepted and safe to go to greater depths with her guidance. The space she created enabled me to remember important memories and draw connections between experiences I hadn’t understood before. Entering into dialogue with my younger self has been really powerful and liberating for me. While I still have a way to go towards full recovery, I’m coming away with a deep sense of peace. As I’m letting it all settle, it feels as though beliefs and thinking patterns I’ve had for over 15 years are becoming less rigid and change feels possible again. I really appreciate the way Caroline connected me to and affirmed my inner wisdom at every turn so that I feel stronger and better equipped to go forward in my healing journey. I am so grateful to her for holding such a powerful and accepting space for me. I feel such a great sense of possibility going forward and am curious to see what new doors will open!