Stephen, 46
I embarked upon hypnotherapy to tackle problems I was experiencing with procrastination in my professional life. I had little previous acquaintance with hypnosis and started the treatment largely as a novice.
Caroline is professional, engaging and easy to work with which made the treatment accessible, and the sessions were in-depth but fun. I was surprised by the detailed memories she was able to draw from me which helped to identify some of the hidden causes of my problems. As well as their therapeutic value I also found the sessions enjoyable and I increasingly looked forward to them.
I am by nature a sceptical person but I was surprised by the effectiveness of the treatment and the potency of the subconscious which produced positive results in a short time. I would characterise the effects of the hypnotherapy as being both subtle and powerful. I did not experience a sudden dramatic epiphany: rather I began to observe positive changes in my behaviour and attitude. These positive changes accumulated, forming better habits. Furthermore these effects were not a result of any conscious effort on my behalf but seemed to emerge automatically. 
The benefits I have experienced include reduced background anxiety, a marked improvement in my time management, an enhanced focus when working, better ability to take action, greater enthusiasm for my work and improved personal resilience.
In addition to the main goals of the treatment I have also observed unintended benefits in some unexpected areas. For instance I am traditionally a messy person but I have become tidier as a result of the hypnotherapy. I have reduced my sugar intake, losing weight in consequence. I have become more consistent in my exercise regime and I have taken up playing the piano again after years of not playing it. Again these improvements have emerged naturally without any apparent concerted effort on my part.
The transformation in my behaviour has been accompanied by a corresponding change in my attitude which has reduced negative thoughts and made me less prone to beating myself up about my perceived weaknesses. 
I would throughly recommend hypnotherapy - and Caroline in particular - for anyone who wishes to address problems in their life and make long term improvements in their behaviour.