28 year-old male

Having exhausted various forms of "more conventional" therapy such as CBT
over the years to treat my anxiety and obsessive behaviours, I considered
hypnotherapy. I chose to see Caroline not only because of her experience
but because she seemed kind, sympathetic and easy to work with. The
sessions with Caroline were productive and I noticed a marked improvement
from after the first or second session. Caroline's style of working made me
feel at ease and this enabled me to become fully immersed in the sessions.
I now feel far more mentally resilient and have developed various coping
strategies to help deal with problems better.

51 year-old female

When I first met Caroline, I wasn't even sure why I was there.  I just knew that something needed to change within me.  She took her time, asking questions to determine what my issues were.  We decided that I needed to be able to be confident at work and with my family.  I needed to not feel guilty about taking care of myself.  Within a few sessions, I was feeling much more at ease about putting myself first when it was needed.  Now I can ask for what I want in both my professional and personal life.  Thanks Caroline.

49 year-old male

Helped me enormously with claustrophobia issues. After two failed MRI scans due to panic attacks I sought help from Caroline and was able to go through with both MRI and CT scans and also used the relaxation techniques she taught me during another intrusive procedure which meant I avoided the stresses of having a general anaesthetic and was able to leave hospital straight after the examination.

32 year-old female

Seeing Caroline was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I didn’t know what to expect. I was amazed by how natural and subtle it felt during the session. Caroline made me feel totally at home and took careful note of my needs before hypnosis.
What I sought help for was post-partum insomnia and Caroline successfully reframed my attitudes to sleep and being a new mom. I have been able to get rid of the underlying anxiety and let her positive message really sink in while I listened to a special recording at home: however, I could feel the positive effect on my sleep and mood after just one session.
I can see how hypnotherapy can help with many other issues and I hope more people will discover it before they go on some sort of medication.

53 year-old female

As long as I can remember, I have had a phobia of electricity pylons. Even talking about them would make me stressed, sweaty palms, elevated heart rate – I’d quickly have to change the subject. Driving near or under the wires is highly stressful. There’s no way I could walk near or under them. After years of having to plan my life around this (eg looking at holiday resorts on Google Earth to make sure there were no power lines near where I wanted to be; forcing friends year after year to walk or ski a different area or avoid a resort altogether because there were pylons) I finally consulted Caroline last year. I found her very pleasant and calming, and the session was cathartic in revisiting an event from my childhood which I’d pretty much forgotten but was clearly subconsciously causing me some distress. However I have to say I was immensely sceptical as to whether this had done anything for my pylon phobia, since the event itself was completely unrelated.
Well, I’ve just returned from a week skiing with friends where I skied under a pylon FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE and even managed to admire the pattern on ice crystals on the wires as I rode past them on a chair lift. This may not sound much but believe me there is absolutely no way on earth I’d have done either of these things a year ago.
I am still very aware of pylons and power lines. I see where they are when others don’t even notice them. I’m not sure I’ll ever get rid of that – but now I don’t care. If I need to go under one, then that’s what I’ll do. This may sound like a very trivial issue, but as with all phobias, it was affecting my behaviour and my relationships (I felt very guilty about having to refuse to go certain places all my friends wanted to go because there was a pylon in the way). I’m still amazed that I did this. I am so proud of myself.
Caroline, I want to thank you so much for what you’ve done for me. I was a real sceptic – I had no faith this would actually work. I’m a very practical person, I make decisions based on facts. But the fact is, you managed to break through a barrier in the space of an hour and a half that I’d not been able to break in 45 years

32 year-old female

One of the wisest things I did in 2017 was visiting Caroline. I instantly felt I was in safe hands and she made me feel secure to open up so that she can help me as much as she can to achieve the best result which in my case was realising that my needs, wants and feelings do matter. During our three sessions, Caroline used powerful techniques that helped me realise how important my dreams, desires and standing up for myself are. Being aware of this, now I am able to move forward in life and materialise the life that I want. I am very grateful to Caroline

22 year-old male

A few months back I was diagnosed with PTSD and was struggling in all aspects of life. Even getting out of bed was a difficulty.
I then decided to find help. After some research, I found Caroline Adams and booked an appointment. Since doing so, I would honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
After just one session I was feeling better about all things. I was doing more, smiling more, achieving things I thought I’d never be able to do again. Eventually, I even managed a week long holiday to Devon, including five hours of public transport there and back. I would strongly recommend Caroline to anyone, as she has not only got me back to my old self, but a better version of myself

28 year-old female

In just 3 sessions, Caroline has helped me hugely. I have been thrilled with the transformation I have seen in myself in such a short space of time, and am very happy the changes are lasting. I found it easy from the beginning to talk to Caroline openly about how I feel and what I wanted to change. She has been incredibly supportive and I am really grateful to her for what she has helped me achieve. Caroline has always been determined to find the right technique for me to produce the best outcome. I can’t recommend Caroline enough.

35 year-old female

If I was to sum up my therapy experience with Caroline Adams in one word, it would be "amazing"!!
From the beginning I felt comfortable, relaxed and confident discussing the personal issues that mattered to me.
Things I hadn't said to my family, friends or even myself!
Caroline has a natural ability to connect. I never felt like I was speaking to a therapist but more like a close friend and confidante.
Our meetings became my safe space mentally, physically and at times spiritually.
I never felt judged, probed or pressured to discuss anything that didn't feel natural to address.
I am a much better version of the me that once was and I owe it to you Caroline.
Thank you so much!!
You saved me at a point of sinking and for that I am eternally grateful

20 year-old female

Caroline helped me accept my childhood trauma. She positively changed my outlook and equipped me with tools that I could use to my benefit, in everyday life. I can now say I look forward to leading a bright positive future

52 year-old male

Recently, I had a hypnotherapy session with Caroline Adams which was nothing short of transformative. I had been carrying a limiting belief for over 40 years and yet Caroline managed to shift it in less than two hours. From the moment I sat down Caroline made me feel as though I was the most important person in the world. She took her time to understand my issue and only when she had identified the root cause did she begin the hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy itself was very relaxing. I was in complete control throughout as Caroline re-framed the events which led to my limiting belief. At the end I felt so calm, so confident and so free of my old way of thinking. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline as a hypnotherapist. I know this sounds incredible, but I can definitely say that the two hours I spent with Caroline last weekend changed my life (literally!)

23 year-old female

Thank you so much for your help. My life has turned around . I just feel so much happier recently, hardly getting any obsessive thoughts, and when I do I hardly focus on them

50 year-old female

She has a calm, clear and gentle voice which helped to relax me and I felt that I was in a safe and trustworthy environment throughout the consultation

55 year-old female

Her insightful use of visualisation techniques and her natural talent for empathy brought about a startlingly cathartic re-focusing of my thoughts and energies

49 year-old female

Caroline has an amazing ability to very quickly understand a problem and work with it. She has huge compassion and empathy and will make you feel entirely comfortable and at ease throughout a session