Isabella, 39

Caroline creates a wonderful atmosphere for therapy. She is such a warm, loving person that just her presence evokes calm, hope and belief in healing. She has a very pleasant voice, empathetic manner and caring demeanour. She treats her clients with respect and takes as much time as they need. I experienced the treatment itself as extremely relaxing and also transforming. For me it was a very special experience that I can only recommend to everyone. On the path to healing one should be courageous in accepting any kind of help in order to get to know oneself better, to understand one's past and to be able to live the future in peace and harmony with oneself. For all of this, Caroline is someone who extends a hand and whose hand you absolutely should take. And even after the sessions she was available to me - the treatment wasn't just limited to the sessions themselves, which I was really impressed by: this gave me additional support and security. She really took care of me … and I’m so grateful.