Mary-Claire, 45

I contacted Caroline to seek her help in dealing with severe anxiety that I had associated with a difficult pregnancy (due to previous fertility issues as well as health concerns). Subsequent to the pregnancy I developed an additional health complication. I was really struggling.
Caroline was extremely empathic at helping me to overcome these anxieties. She worked with me using a number of different techniques and after each session I felt so much calmer, centred and more hopeful about the future.
I successfully delivered my baby and my health complication is now under control. I know that working with Caroline has been a big part of both how I was able to work through this anxiety, but also why I was able to successfully overcome some of these health obstacles. I think that the combination of hypnotherapy and conventional medicine has been key.
I would recommend Caroline to anyone that is looking for a hypnotherapist that is both patient-focused and effective.