Suzie, 42
I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough and it has been a really wonderful and transformative experience to work with her. To put that into context I came to see her out of desperation – I was feeling completely overwhelmed by some challenges in my life, and the anxiety I had had in my twenties had resurfaced with a vengeance so I was pretty unhappy at the time. It often takes me a while to warm up to new people but I felt really comfortable with her from our very first meeting and was able to really share how I was feeling for the first time in months. I definitely left feeling calmer, lighter and more hopeful that first day but it’s only now that I can fully appreciate how transformative that first session really was and that it set me on a different and easier path.
She has a lovely, warm manner and I always felt I could share whatever I needed to without judgement and with understanding. What really worked for me was that she not only equipped me to deal with both my anxiety and the life challenges I was facing, but we also addressed some of the root causes behind my anxiety. I always really looked forward to our sessions and I always left feeling positive, uplifted and calm.